Where to travel in 2016?

There many trending destinations for 2016, with the outlook being varied from previous years.


Events such as the Arab spring and the political instability it has brought, with positive developments in Cuba, and Iran, and official peace talks for Cyprus and North Cyprus makes an environment that gives a push of tourism to certain areas.

What’s exciting people these days is new destinations, and that stands for 2016.

  1. Cuba

    Viva Cuba.. the land of salsa, rum, music, dancing and fine cigars is waiting for you in 2016. With USA lifting travel embargoes and instating an embassy on this Caribbean island things are looking up for the beautiful country, If you like history, culture, beaches, and a whole load of fun, this is the destination for you.

    Cuba vacation and holidays on cuba beaches

  2. Iran

    Iran has realigned itself with positive politics with USA and Britain, and the rest of the world. Its now being seen as a place that you can visit. The British embassy has reopened in Iran, and with it it brings and opportunity to discovery a land of mystery, cultural heritage and outstanding natural beauty.  this is a place for culture vultures and history buffs with plenty of heritage to offer travellers.

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  3. North Cyprus

    North Cyprus is not officially recognised as  a country, except for by Turkey. It has trade embargoes on it, but this is all set to change. With many travellers visiting this beautiful part of the Mediterranean already. North Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are in talks once again, and things look positive with everyone’s attitude to optimism. North Cyprus will be a place to visit in 2016. We recommend you catch it before the North gets as commercial as the South with new development.

    Bellapais Abbey in Kyrenia Northern Cyprus

  4. USA

    The USA is no new destination, but it can be seen as a destination of choice in 2016,. Away from any of the vulnerabilities of the middle east, USA offers a unique experience for any kind of traveller. Twin centre holidays and tours are on the rise there. you guessed it, many will be looking to travel to Cuba combined with the USA so watch this space.

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  5. Domestic

    With so many changes in the worldwide landscape, many travellers will be looking to stay in familiar lands and that’s with domestic tourism. People will be looking to make the most of their countries assets. Every country has something to offer. Even the UK’s rise in good summer weather has given a spike in tourism to the coastal towns down south and in Wales where there are beaches that rival any Mediterranean resort.. unfortunately without the sunshine guarantee, but almost.

Woman relaxing on her UK beach holidays

Where are you looking to travel in 2016? let us know what you think is the best place to visit.


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