Talking Africa welcomes you to a world of travel as we open the doors of travel to you around the world with our travel blog.

Whether its news, topical issues, guides,  travel deals or discussion about Africa and its travel destinations such as South Africa, Cape Town, and Botswana or the other amazing travel spots on offer for those looking for wildlife adventures and safaris, or diverse experiences in the treasured land of Africa.

Our travel talk does not stop at Africa, we cover multiple destinations around the world from Asia, to Europe to USA and Caribbean. The emphasis on our travel talks are the the introduction new destinations, new hotels and new holiday hotspots.


travel guides around the world

Destination guides are written by real travel experts who have a wealth of travel and within the travel industry. they give a fair and unbiased look at each destination they visit, with an angle of what you would expect while you are there, making the reviews and guides a useful part of any travellers handbook before departing and while at the destination.

we also cover existing holiday destinations that are popular, and talk about why people would travel to them. Countries such as Northern Cyprus where the country is officially not recognised sometimes gets great debates going, otherwise locations such as the Cuba with its newly opened embassies and Iran with its new communication channels with the USA and UK and in-fact the rest of the world make exciting travel destinations and travel opportunities for reviews and debate.

New destinations always mean new travel reviews and more importantly to many people, new travel deals. We source the best deals for you at your selected locations around the world, with a recommendation of where to go and stay.  Give us a try for a travel quote and you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you have travel experiences you would like to tell us about, please send through and we will consider featuring them. Alternatively you can also read our holiday talk on our website.  If your needs are beyond debate and talk, and you wish to have advise for finding travel deals on-line, then send them through to us with the dates you are looking to travel and we will pass them onto our travel experts to find the very best travel packages for you to enjoy all year round.

From the delights of culinary cooking holidays in Northern Cyprus, to the sandy beaches of Cuba where you can take some salsa lessons, there are many amazing things around the world to talk about.. so lets get started!

We hope  you enjoy the content on our website and wish you happy reading, and even more happy travelling.










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